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Okay, so we are saying this ourselves and frankly in this age of slick marketing and suchlike why should you believe us? Well, to help you out, we've put together a list of reasons why we are your best bet for cheap ghd deals.


We've called the list "The Four Fabulous Reasons Why is the Best!" We settled on this because there are four reasons that we could come up with. Plus we think the reasons are pretty fabulous and taken together they make us the best (and hence the name virtually wrote itself).

Have a read over them and we're quietly confident that you'll conclude that is more likely than any other price comparison site to get you a proper bargain on a pair of hair straighteners or the latest limited edition ghds!

The Four Fabulous Reasons Why is the Best!

We are totally independent. That means that we don't sell ghds. None of our friends sell them, and our boss isn't paying us to write this stuff (hey, we don't even have boss!). Unlike many other sites that claim to offer ghd price comparison, we don't have any special relationships with any particular retailers and so only list deals by price order (that means cheapest first - its like a ghd sale every day!)

We only list reputable approved online retailers. So no fly-by-night cons or dodgy fake hair straighteners will be found here. Indeed if we had reason to believe that any of our merchants wasn't 100% upfront and genuine, then we'd delist them without a second thought. Read our lips: "Only genuine ghd straighteners are found on this site. We promise." (Oi! How can you see our lips from where you are sitting?)

Yes this site is here to make money, but we are up-front about how we earn our cash: We get a small payment from the merchant every time someone buys a product that they found on our website. However, we don't get paid just for sending you to their website, we only get paid if you end up buying. So we have a shared interest - you only want to buy the cheapest and best deal around, and we can only put food on our tables if we can find you the cheapest and best deal. Basically, we are on the same team when it comes to hair straightener bargain hunting!

We check all our featured websites every day. Our merchants, lovely bunch that they are, have a habit of constantly changing their deals, lowering prices, raising prices, etc, etc. In order to ensure that we are always offering the best deals and ghd sale pricing we probably end up spending more time hanging around on their websites than they do. This means that whenever a new deal turns up, we can get it listed quickly and save our visitors even more money!

ghd - The ultimate lowdown! A brief history.

Do you want the whole story behind ghd? The sexy secrets of how a global superbrand was born? Well first things first before we get carried away, let's get a few things straight. ghd is a British company, and even more than that, its a Yorkshire company. "Flippin' eck" we hear you say, and you'd be right. Being a true Yorkshire company, the story of ghd (or Jemella Ltd are they are known on a Sunday) is based on hard work at t'forefront of global haircare.

It all started when the rest of us were just getting over our millennium celebrations. As the collective hangovers cleared, few people were aware that a revolution was just taking place, an uprising in the hair care world that was to banish bad hair days for good and create a movement that would go on to become, in time, a new religion for hair!

When the first ceramic hair straightening iron was arrived in the UK, nobody had ever seen anything like it. Being an ex-hairdresser for a top salon, Robert Powls, the man who happened up this prize possession, knew a lot when it came to hair. Convinced he was onto a winner, he and two business partners acquired the rights to the product, called it the good hair day hair straightener and began trading.

To begin with, most hairdressers thought they were joking when they promoted the ghd hair straightener with a retail price of almost £100! However, before long ghd was racking up column inches worth of praise from leading beauty editors and stars of the silver screen. As the gospel according to ghd spread, so did demand. Legend has it that crazed customers were thumping on the warehouse doors, trying to bribe the staff and even attempting to break in - just to get their hands on a new pair of hair straighteners.

With virtually no advertising spend, ghd had achieved iconic status in an incredibly short period of time. People who owned a ghd worshipped it and firmly believed that their new hair iron was capable of miracles.

Since those halcyon days, ghd has become one of the world's most respected brands, earning awards left, right and centre. Numerous ghd products were launched off of the back of the ghd hair straightener, including the salon styler (often nicknamed the "ghd wide") and the mini styler (which was the first ghd aimed at the men's grooming market). More recently, the pink ghd, limited edition pure / dark, the Christmas Purple gift set, the Radiance gift set and the Rare have seen ghd establish an almost unassilable position at the top of the now burgeoning market for professional hair straighteners. There are now many imitators, but none of them have come close to matching, let alone surpassing, ghd as the best and most trusted brand of hair straighteners in the world!

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Learn more about this major scam and get the information you need to prevent you from falling victim to it from our How To Avoid ghd Fakes article!

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